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We focus our donations on a few causes both our fans are passionate about and prove to make the world a better place.

If you feel your cause is aligned with Rawr! for a Reason, please feel free to contact us. We love to support new organizations.

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Causes we Focus on

Decreasing poverty

Over 860 million people live below the $1.90 a day international poverty line. Instead of directly giving money to those in poverty, we invest in solutions that prove to bring people out of poverty like improving public health and building infrastructure. It takes only $3,500 for the Against Malaria Foundation to improve public health by saving a life from malaria. Engineering Without Borders creates water pipe infrastructure that brings clean drinking water to roughly 10% of the world’s population without it.

Increasing individual liberty

It is hard to imagine living without the basic human rights and freedom our team takes for granted. The Polaris Project works to free over 4.5 million people who are trapped in forced sexual exploitation.4 The freedom to choose who you love is illegal 75 countries of which 10 can punish homosexuality with death.5 The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice fights to educate and fix LGBT rights violations in many of these 75 countries.

Increasing educational opportunity

Economic mobility through entrepreneurship and education prove to be two of the most effective ways to break the poverty trap preventing hundreds of millions of people from thriving.6 Kiva gives the opportunity for economic mobility to over 2 million people actively looking to change their situation.7 Books for Africa brings educational resources to the 46 million children in Africa that haven’t stepped inside a classroom.8


Short term results and
long term benefits

We focus on causes that immediately benefit those in need and leave positive effects that ripple for generations. For example, saving a mom from malaria provides her children with greater chances of success.


We only donate to causes with 4-star Charity Navigator ratings or whose organizations are open and audited to ensure our donations are making the world a better place.


We understand some causes are inherently more political than others but we don’t give money for lobbying. We focus on making the world a better place one individual at a time

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