Giving away 50% of your net profit… that’s CRAZY. How does this business concept work?
We monetize our games through optional in game ads. Our fan’s love of Rawr! for a Reason and knowing that 50% of our profits go to great causes dramatically increase our total amount of clicked ads. The revenue from increased ads allows us to stay afloat.
The games are free how do you make money?
We make money through optional in game ads.
Does this game violate Apple’s Term’s of Service?
No. Apple prevents people from advertising a link between a paid app or in-app purchases and charity. As long as money isn’t exchanging hands between our fans and Apple, we are not breaking their rules. To quote apple exactly “Collecting funds within the app for charities and fundraisers. Apps that seek to raise money for such causes must be free on the App Store and may only collect funds outside of the app, such as via Safari or SMS.” Multiple successful apps, like Donate A Photo by Johnson & Johnson, Charity Mile and Give2Charity, follow this model.
How do I know that you are actually donating this money to charity and not just going all “Wolf Of Wallstreet” on us?
We understand your hesitation and alleviate these concerns through publicly posting our financials and having them independently audited by an accredited accounting firm. Click here to see exactly how much money we make and where it goes.
What charities do you donate to?
You can see the full list of our donations on our google docs spreadsheet
How much money does the founder, Dave Applegate, and other team members make?
Dave Applegate takes a $0 salary and no bonus. 100% of his income comes from dividends that are split with other shareholders. Our team members are paid competitive salaries.
I noticed you’re donating to causes not charities
At this point in time, we donate 100% of our money to charities but don’t believe giving to a 501(c)(3), the legal entity, that is called a nonprofit, or making tax deductible donations are always the best ways to change the world. For example, we donate money to Kiva, a 501(c)(3) charity, in the form of charitable donations to Kiva and loans to Kiva borrowers who aspire to pull themselves out of poverty. The donations are tax deductible and not repaid while loans are not tax deductible and repaid. We put 100% of all Kiva repayments or any other money received from our giving back into causes we support.
When you use the term profit, what profit are you referring to?
We are referring to net profit or our bottom line. We give 50% of all our sales minus cost of goods sold, operating expenses, taxes & interest.
Is Undie Rush your your first and only game?
No, our first game was Politician Smash where you smashed corrupt politicians. Our second game was Polar Melt about the dangers of global warming and polar belt jumping between melting glaciers. Both were created to make sure our business model resonated with people.

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