Our Story

Our Business Model

  1. Release free mobile arcade games that brighten up your day with a smile.
  2. Give 50% of every dollar we make to good causes that either reduce poverty, increase liberty or improve education.
  3. Do things that make our fans happy like removing forced ads and in-app purchases.
  4. Grow through word of mouth and fan endorsement.

 Our Story

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Our Values

  • Grow our fan’s love for Rawr! for a Reason through giving. Our success will follow. Our fans extend beyond the players to other indie game developers and mobile game content creators. We give joy to those who play our games. We support the indie dev ecosystem by sharing our knowledge and promoting other developers. We help game content creators easily create entertaining and marketable content.
  • Improve a little bit every day to make a big difference. Changing something as small as the mobile game you play can make the world a better place. It’s why we created Rawr! for a Reason. This philosophy extends to how we operate. We act small, adjust quick, rely on results and learn from everything.
  • Communicate openly & transparently. We talk within the team honesty about the things that really matter.  We communicate to our fans the same way by bringing relevant issues forward, posting transparent financials and sharing lessons that can benefit others.
  • Be the change we seek. Change happens through action. We keep our heads down and focus on what matters… our fan’s love for Rawr! for a Reason and making the world a better place.